Outline sex differences in parental investment in Santa Clarita

Gen Comp Endocrinol : 32 — Google Scholar. Here, we provide the most comprehensive assessment of these hypotheses using detailed parental care data from bird species covering families. Finally, a long standing question is why one parent cares for the offspring when the other does so already, i.

Parentage and the evolution of parental behavior. Cryptic kin selection: kin structure in vertebrate populations and opportunities for kin-directed cooperation. Neural correlates of nesting behavior in zebra finches Taeniopygia guttata.

However, because a reduction in adult survival reduces future reproductive opportunities, there is also an indirect trade-off between care and future reproduction for both sexes. Hierarchical decision-making balances current and future reproductive success.

By our definition, egg survival increases as initial egg investment increases.

Outline sex differences in parental investment in Santa Clarita думаю

The honey bee epigenomes: differential methylation of brain DNA in queens and workers. Habitat saturation results in joint-nesting female coalitions in a social bird. Isotocin regulates paternal care in a monogamous cichlid fish.

Gen Comp Endocrinol : 32 — Princeton : Princeton University Press. Nat Ecol Evol 2 : — Baseline adult mortality also affects the fitness gains associated with parental care Fig.

We are interested in differences in the life-history conditions that favor the origin of paternal, maternal, and bi-parental care, and thus, we focus on cases in which care is beneficial and likely to be selected for. Delayed dispersal: youth costs carry lifetime gains.

Polyandry, predation, and the evolution of frog reproductive modes. Accurate detection of convergent amino-acid evolution with PCOC.

Outline sex differences in parental investment in Santa Clarita

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